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PERSONAL SAFETY EMPOWERMENT began from a conversation with a good friend of mine who is a Real Estate Broker in Rhode Island. Out of concern I asked him what type of protocol is in place to keep Realtors safe out in the field. 

After Reviewing the existing policies I felt that it was not enough to keep Realtors safe in so many dangerous  situations they may be facing every day. I then developed a program for Realtors that would keep them safe in their own homes, while commuting, at their offices, and during showings and open houses.

I've since expanded this program to include homeowners, groups/organizations, and all types of businesses and employers. 

Mission Statement – My mission is to educate groups and individuals how to become more aware of their surroundings and many of the dangerous situations they may incur every day. Having this knowledge may save your life or even the life of a loved one.

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